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Relevent Life Policies

You have a successful business that gives your family a rewarding lifestyle that you have worked hard to achieve. Did you know that as a director of your own company, your business could pay for your life cover and provide the peace of mind that your family would be provided for should the worst happen? You could also provide life cover for your employees – even if you only have a few.

Relevant life policies are written on a single life basis so are available to all companies no matter how small.

Relevant Life Policies are written in trust and must cease before your 75th birthday. A lump sum death benefit is paid directly to your nominated beneficiaries and the maximum cover is normally 15x / 20x annual salary which can include salary, regular dividends paid in lieu of salary and benefits in kind.

Relevant Life Policies are aimed at employees of any type of business, including directors of limited companies, provided that you are a Schedule E tax payer. They are not suitable for partners or sole traders who are taxed under Schedule D.

Relevant life policies can offer a tax efficient way of providing life cover for directors and employees.

For protection insurance we offer products from a limited panel of providers

Risk Warning: These plans have no cash in value at any time.

Please refer to the policy document before taking out a policy to check any limitations.

Insurance which is based on an assessment of health of the applicant is unlikely to cover the applicant for previous or existing medical conditions and that the customer should refer to policy documentation and seek advice in order to understand what the policy does and does not cover before making an application.

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