Why a financial review should be your Christmas present to you and your kin.

As you look back over another year, you may be taking stock of the things that have gone well, and perhaps things you wish had gone differently.

One thing which is worth taking stock of as you go into a New Year is your pensions and investments by doing a financial review.

You may want to review whether your current pension fund, payments and risk profiles are going to provide you with the retirement you are planning, or whether any changes might need to be made.

To do this, it can be useful to do some cashflow modelling. You can use our cash flow model to look at your current financial situation and plan ahead for the future.

So, whether you are looking to retire early, take a round-the-world trip, help your children through university or simply ensure your nest egg is enough to meet your needs through retirement, cash flow planning can help you make key financial decisions.

A good cash flow model will not only evaluate your current financial situation, but also show you all the different options you have available to you in order to achieve your financial goals.

Amethyst IFA can help with your cash flow modelling by working with you to provide a comprehensive report with easy-to-understand visuals detailing your finances and savings options.

Once you are sure you have carefully planned for your any eventualities, our financial advisers can help you review your pension product’s performance against these objectives and make any changes that might be necessary.

Your adviser will look at whether the funds in your pension products are performing well, or whether they are providing below average returns.

Attitudes to risk change over time so it’s your adviser will also make sure that the funds you have invested in match your current risk profile.

Another way in which an adviser can help you review your pension is by looking at the fees you may have to pay in order to take your pension and the different options that will be available to you when the time comes for you to access your money.

If you book a pension review with Amethyst IFA, one of our accredited financial advisers will work with you to plan your retirement provision. They will review your existing final salary/personal pension plans to establish if they will be sufficient for your future requirements, and recommend and implement a plan to match your objectives. We will also regularly review your plan to make sure its on track.

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